We create unique experiences


Our summer camps give children the opportunity to learn a language and other cultures in a fun way.
We have a team of professionals who will be responsible for creating a wonderful and enriching experience.
Visits to museums, team sports, swimming, windsurfing …
Many activities that will be entertained all the time.
In addition to summer camps, we also have courses in which you can perfect the language with native people. We are the best option to teach and entertain children. We are HELLO-PLANET.

Put the world in your hands. That is our main phrase. We want children to know other places, other people and of course other ways to have fun. This experience will create friendships that will last forever.

You will know iconic cities such as Salamanca, Madrid, Murcia, Alicante, Segovia and Ávila. All with a very large cultural offer. Incredible stories await to be discovered by the kids.

We, «Hello Planet», are a company with extensive experience in the organization of activities and camps aimed at young people and teenagers, as well as language courses in the native language country. We prioritize children’s learning and fun and the inclusion of values.

We create unique experiences.